Millie Gram isn’t just another nut butter. We use uniquely delicious combinations of well-being ingredients, starting with functional mushrooms, which really make the difference.

We are very picky and particular about our mushrooms. We use five different types – lion’s mane, maitake, cordyceps, shiitake and reishi – which are grown California on organic oats that are sourced from Canada.

We think they are pretty special, but they are not medicinal or hallucinogenic mushrooms.

They taste like no other nut butter you’ve ever tried. The mushrooms have an earthy deliciousness that are combined with citrus, matcha, cocoa and orange depending on the variety for a sweet, nutty taste and smooth yet slightly crunchy texture.

Yes, you can spread them on toast, fruit or just eat it by the spoonful – and we think you’ll find even more ways to love them – especially since all varieties come in portable, squeezable tubes you can take anywhere you go.

We use very specific amounts of mushrooms to get the right balance of function and flavor. The ‘dosage’ tells you exactly how many milligrams of mushrooms are in each serving so you don’t have to guess. 

No, the nut butters are not certified organic. However, we do have several certified organic ingredients.

Yes, all of our varieties are non-GMO.

Yes, all varieties are gluten free.

Starting in January 2021 you can buy them on our website and find them at select Gelson’s stores in Los Angeles. For exact store locations, check on our ‘Store Locator’ webpage

No, but all our varieties are vegetarian. 

The packs are made from recyclable materials, but since recycling protocols vary based municipality, it’s always good to check if these meet your location’s specific criteria.

All our varieties have a 9 month shelf life.

Store in a cool dry place. Once open we recommend you eat within 3 months.